Travel Essentials: Packing for the Plane

Packing your personal item for the plane is an art- you need to find a balance between bringing the right stuff and keeping your bag light and manageable. Editing out unnecessary items doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style either. Check out our must-haves for the journey. 

Pack for the Plane

The Bag should be neutral and polished so it can be used for the duration of the trip (read: saves space in your luggage for more shoes!). This one is structured with an external zip closure which keeps items secure during take-off and landing. Avoid anything too slouchy, which can be hard to keep organized.  

Tablet and Cell Phone Cases protect your devices while you're on the go. We like ones that are fun and functional like this iPad case which also stands your device at an easy to view angle. A cell case in a graphic print is an inexpensive way to show your personality. Keep your inflight gadgets simple by uploading your favorite playlists onto your tablet so you can keep your phone stowed.  

Earbuds barely take up any space and can provide great sound quality. Ones like these have a mic feature for handsfree phone calls and come with ear cushions in a variety of sizes for that perfect fit.  

Reading Material that it is lightweight and no fuss like a paperback novel or magazine will keep you entertained. After you've enjoyed it you can pass it along to a friend or fellow traveler (trust us, it'll brighten their day!).  

Water is the key to feeling your best while traveling. This self-filtering bottle is perfect to take through security where liquid allowances can be a pain. As an added hydration bonus, enjoy an electrolyte rich coconut water before you board to give your system a boost. 

Snacks from home will feel like a treat when you're 20,000 feet high. A fruit and nut bar packed with nutrients and protein will satisfy hunger better than free pretzels. Sometimes we sneak in a bar of raw chocolate as a treat. Bring a couple bags of your favorite herbal tea and ask for hot water during beverage service. 

Pouches keep little items organized. Ours holds essentials like hand sanitizer, hand cream,  and lip balm.  When it comes to disembarking, classic sunglasses, a low chignon (we secure ours with these), and a little bronzer is the recipe for insta-chic.  

Making a checklist and putting your bag together the night before a trip can help reduce anxiety about traveling. Don't forget your wallet and keys!