White Hot American Summer

There is nothing fresher than white, and in case you haven't noticed that whole "you can't wear white after Labor Day" thing is lonnng gone. To honor you traditionalists out there however, we're celebrating Memorial Day (aka the day you're finally "allowed" to wear white again) by sharing our top picks for summer. White is super versatile: use it as a blank canvas to make bright accessories and jewelry pop, or look effortlessly chic by layering it with other neutrals. And because there is probably nothing we hate more than VPL, we're also including some tips on how to look flawless in white. 

White Hot Summer
1. Mango 2. H&M 3. Top Shop 4. Intermix

Wear White Like a Pro: 
  • In a humid climate (Hello: Miami!)? Trust us and steer clear of silk which tends to turn into a wrinkly mess fast.  More structured fabrics will fare better.
  • If you'd rather not deal with complicated underthings, opt for fully lined pieces.
  • Conduct a transparency test by holding the garment up to the light, and also by seeing if your hand shows through the fabric. If so, you'll need some strategic armor.  
  • Avoid visible undergarments or shapewear (That's right, even Jessica Alba cops to wearing Spanx) by sticking with nude, not white. We love pieces by Cheeki, Commando, and Spanx (Hey, if it's good enough for Jessica, it's good enough for us).
  • Makeup should be applied after you're dressed- no girl wants foundation on her crisp white collar.  
  • Watch where you sit.
  • Do yourself a favor and stick a Tide To Go pen in your handbag.